The Gods of the Epic Pantheon have arrived! Accompanying them is a contingent of faithful monsters and worshippers, whose calls are but prayers for war. The world shakes as the Pantheon answers. We’ll have to wait until the start of summer to see the 4 Demigods, but the Gods and Elder Gods are available now through the Wise Wizard Games store and by clicking any of the images below: 

New Mechanic: Deity Cards

With the latest installment of Epic Pantheon, we now have access to 4 out of 6 Pantheon expansion packs. Each pack features 12 traditional Epic cards, 1 token card, and a brand new card type in 2 dueling Deity cards.  Rather than being chosen or drafted in every format, Epic Card Game Deities represent a completely new format. Choose a deity before the game begins, and receive its effects every turn for the entire game!

In the world of Epic, the Pantheon hierarchy is clear. Each level of divinity is significantly stronger than the previous: Each Elder Deity is designed to challenge two God Deities, each God Deity is designed to challenge two of the upcoming Demigods. If two Gods and Goddesses want to challenge one of the Elder Deities, be sure to read up on the Hydra rules for multiplayer. The Elder Gods and Goddesses- Furios, Maligus, Zaltessa, and Helena– all begin the game with 90 health, 6 cards, and an 8 card hand size. They draw an extra card at the start of their turn, and gain an extra gold on each player’s turn.
The Middle Order Gods and Goddesses – Angeline, Scara, Lashnok, and Gareth – begin the game with 45 health. On each of their turns they draw an extra card and banish a card from their hand, then gain one extra gold which can be held through their opponent’s turn.

Scrap Tokens

Instead of the normal Epic card back, the back of every Deity features this beautiful monstrosity:

 That’s right, Sage has its own token! Both appropriate for Sage and horrifying in concept, the back of every deity features a propagating Scrap Token. Scrap Tokens are only generated by themselves and  Scrap Golem from Furios vs. Maligus.

Some astute players may recognize Scrap Golem from the original Epic Kickstarter, but please be aware that the new Scrap Golem has updated text.

New Mechanic: The Will of the Gods

We puny humans have been in the dark on what the gods want for too long, but no longer! Each currently available Pantheon packs contains one of the God’s Wills:

Now every alignment has a has a way to trigger ally abilities more than once in a turn, dig for a combo piece, and pull ahead on tempo. These wills offer a new incentive for limited players to stick to fewer alignments and reward constructed decks for remaining loyal. For a more comprehensive breakdown on the impact of the first two will cards, try Brad Minnigh’s guest post previewing Angeline’s Will.

New Mechanic: Size Matters

Size has always been an important part of evaluating cards, Epic champions are all about dealing damage and breaking each other. While all of Epic’s champions are Epic, Pantheon brings with it a series of cards that to illustrate some champions are more Epic than others: 

For anyone who wants to see the new cards played to their maximum potential, know more about the new decks Pantheon makes possible, or the best picks in Dark Draft, be sure to check out my recap of last November’s Wise Wizard Game fair. Some of the best Epic Card Game players gathered to compete in the 2017 Epic Championship where they were each given a full playset of all of the Pantheon cards available now. The first players to brew and draft with the new set were some of the best players in the world, and wonderfully represented the scope and flexibility these new cards bring to Epic Card Game. The Elder Gods and Goddesses are currently available, and the mid-level deities are arriving at stores now. Click on any of the packs to order from our online store, and be sure to follow us here or on Twitter for news about this June’s advent of the Demigods!