Epic $10,000 Championships

Due to the COVID pandemic, we are running Legend Series events for 2020, instead of our usual 10K events.

We plan to run a $10,000 physical Epic championship at Origins Game Fair every year. More details will be coming for Origins 2020, and registration will include a full Origins Game Fair badge. Players must spend one Gold Ticket to participate.

Players will be competing for their share of $10,000 in cash prizes. Each competitor will receive exclusive Epic swag in both physical and digital form.

Our first Epic 10K Championship took place at Origins Game Fair in June 2019!

There will also be qualifying tournaments at Origins, so players who don’t earn a Gold Ticket before Origins will have one last shot to qualify.

Sample Prize Pool From 2019

PlacePrizesGold TicketsAlt-Art Token SetsExclusive Playmat
1st$4,000 and become
a card in the game!

Each alt-art token set includes 5 Human/Demon tokens and 5 Zombie/Wolf tokens, plus alt-art tokens in the digital app.

Players must fill out all appropriate tax forms before they will be given their prize.

Note: All prizes and tournament structures are subject to change at the sole discretion of Wise Wizard Games.