Epic Digital Weekly Championships

Starting May 9th, 2021, we will have an Epic Digital Weekly Championship every Sunday at 1 PM eastern.

These tournaments are are currently FREE and open to all players! Formats will alternate from week to week.

  • The winner of each Epic Digital Weekly Championship will receive a Gold Ticket.
  • Each player will also win a number of foil cards based on their final tournament standing.

Use the Epic Digital app to view event formats, sets used, and bugs, if any (navigate as follows: Main Screen > Play Online > Bracket Icon > Event Name > Info Icon). For other important registration and procedure information, see the Epic Digital Tournament System page.

Epic Weekly Championships are normally Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8 elimination rounds. Each round is one game, real time (with 25-minute clocks per player). Dark Draft events will also have a timed draft (with 5-minute clocks per player).