Epic Digital Weekly Arena

Much like in the Star Realms App, in addition to unlimited free games, Epic digital will has a weekly Arena. This is a week-long open-entry tournament. Players will get 1 free entry each week. Additional entries will cost 20 gems (about 25 cents).

Every time you play an Arena game in Epic, win or lose, you earn a digital foil card. The winner will also get some Gold (an in-app currency) and FREE ENTRY into their next Arena game that week. So, as long as you keep winning, you can play Arena games forever for free!

Each week’s Arena has two champions: The player who got the most total wins for the week, and the player who had the longest win streak (the most wins in a row without a loss). In addition to all the foils and gold they won, the weekly champions each earn a Gold Ticket. If two or more players are tied for most wins or for the longest win streak, the player who was the first to achieve that number of wins is the winner.

Weekly Arena formats will alternate (Sealed, Full Constructed and Dark Draft for example). We may even change which sets and/or cards within sets are used in some weeks.

Past Arena Champions

WeekMost WinsBest StreakFormatSetsConcluded
82HappyJosiahSuicideSquadDark DraftTyrants, Uprising, Duels9/25/2020
81Drewise1SuicideSquadConstructedTyrants, Uprising, Duels9/18/2020
80HappyJosiahDrewise1Random 30Tyrants, Uprising, Duels9/11/2020
79SuicideSquadSuicideSquadRandom 60Tyrants, Uprising, Duels9/4/2020
78HLucajazzbjornDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels8/28/2020
77Drewise1SuicideSquadConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels8/21/2020
76jazzbjornjazzbjornRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels8/14/2020
75jazzbjornjazzbjornRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels8/7/2020
74jazzbjornHappyJosiahDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels7/31/2020
73Drewise1HappyJosiahConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels7/24/2020
72Drewise1jtsarnakRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels7/17/2020
71EpicSpainchionglacieRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels7/10/2020
70DRMjtsarnakDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels7/3/2020
69Drewise1Drewise1ConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels6/26/2020
68Drewise1chionglacieRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels6/19/2020
67MoxlessmattHappyJosiahRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels6/12/2020
66MoxlessmattMoxlessmattDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels6/05/2020
65EpicSpainNightHydraConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising5/29/2020
64Drewise1HappyJosiahRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising5/22/2020
63EpicAgendaEpicAgendaRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising5/15/2020
62Match04EpicAgendaDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising5/8/2020
61SamYou2D3athUnjustConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising5/1/2020
60SamYou2D3athDRMRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising4/24/2020
59EpicAgendaEpicAgendaRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising4/17/2020
58chionglacieTatDaddyDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising4/10/2020
57PedroAvianConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising4/3/2020
56jazzbjornjazzbjornRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising3/27/2020
55TatDaddyTatDaddyRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising3/20/2020
54MagneticBeneBeatsConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising3/13/2020
53jazzbjornJohnJohnJohnDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising3/6/2020
52jazzbjornBeneBeatsConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising2/28/2020
51jazzbjornEpicAgendaDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising2/21/2020
50TatDaddyTatDaddyConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising2/14/2020
49TatDaddyTatDaddyRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising2/7/2020
48EpicAgendaEpicAgendaDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising1/31/2020
47TatDaddyTatDaddyConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising1/24/2020
46TatDaddyTatDaddyRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising1/17/2020
45TatDaddyTatDaddyDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising1/10/2020
44Sir3Sir3ConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising1/3/2020
43EpicAgendaEpicAgendaRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising12/27/2019
42Sir3TatDaddyDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising12/20/2019
41DRMDRMConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising12/13/2019
40EpicAgendaEpicAgendaRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising12/6/2019
39Sir3bmcfluffDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising11/29/2019
38MagneticMagneticConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising11/22/2019
37MagneticEpicAgendaRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising11/15/2019
36bmcfluffbmcfluffDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising11/8/2019
35DRMDRMConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising11/1/2019
34EpicAgendaEpicAgendaRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising10/25/2019
33EpicAgendaEpicAgendaDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising10/18/2019
32EpicAgendaEpicAgendaConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising10/11/2019
31EpicAgendaEpicAgendaRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising10/4/2019
30EpicAgendaEpicAgendaDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising9/27/2019
29EpicAgendakrokmasterConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising9/20/2019
28EpicAgendaEpicAgendaRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising9/13/2019
27EpicAgendaEpicAgendaDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising9/6/2019
26EpicAgendaEpicAgendaConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising8/30/2019
25EpicAgendaEpicAgendaRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising8/23/2019
24EpicAgendaEpicAgendaDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising8/16/2019
23EpicAgendaEpicAgendaConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising8/9/2019
22EpicAgendaEpicAgendaRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants, Uprising8/2/2019
21EpicAgendaEpicAgendaDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising7/26/2019
20EpicAgendaEPICatConstructedCore Set, Tyrants, Uprising7/19/2019
19krokmasterliviousRandom 30Core Set, Tyrants,
18TomEpicGaminTomEpicGaminDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants,
17TatDaddyTatDaddyConstructedCore Set, Tyrants,
16EpicAgendatwentyftRandom 60Core Set, Tyrants6/21/2019
15TatDaddyTatDaddyDark DraftCore Set, Tyrants6/14/2019
12TatDaddyTatDaddyConstructedCore Set, Tyrants6/7/2019
11Saimaster1AtlantaConstructedCore Set5/31/2019
10MagneticCollecterConstructedCore Set5/24/2019
9TatDaddynoverbConstructedCore Set5/17/2019
8TatDaddyTatDaddyDark DraftCore Set5/10/2019
7liviousMagneticConstructedCore Set5/3/2019
6liviousKunavangDark DraftCore Set4/26/2019
5BosskliviousConstructedCore Set4/19/2019
4AtlantaMagneticDark DraftCore Set4/12/2019
3BeneBeatsliviousRandom 30Core Set4/5/2019
2MagneticliviousConstructedCore Set3/29/2019
1GeneralGypbmcfluffDark DraftCore Set3/22/2019

Note: “Weeks” 13-14 were beta tests that only lasted a few hours and did not count toward official player standings.

Note: All prizes and tournament structures are subject to change at the sole discretion of White Wizard Games.