Hello, have you played Epic Digital Card Game recently? We just had a major UI update, and there are some really cool improvements, including Duels and a new Undo feature. I definitely recommend you check it out.

Did you know that we are giving away $500 every month in our Epic Digital Monthly Championships? The next one is tomorrow with a Constructed Format using the Base Set, Tyrants, Uprising, and Duels. You need a gold ticket to play in the monthly championships. If you don’t have a gold ticket, you will get a gold ticket if you place in the top 8 of the Epic Digital Legend series (details below!).

We have also announced an Epic Card Game Digital Legend Series next weekend on Sunday, August 2nd at 1 pm EST.  The winner will become a card in the game! You can find out more info here!

Need a constructed deck? Cj posted a list of decks he’s played on stream here.

You can use any of these decks with these steps:

  1. Open a decklist in Epic Digital (deckbuilder -> tap on a deck).
  2. Copy the Import Code from the stream decklists.
  3. Tap/Click the Import button at the bottom of the deckbuilder.

If you have any questions or want Cj to try out your deck on stream, you can contact us via email at [email protected] or via discord: CjWWG#7225

Cj also streams Epic Card Game at twitch.tv/whitewizardgames every Monday and Friday 8-9 pm EST. Play against him in the stream to earn 20 gems, or 100 if you win! His Epic username is cjwwg.

See you in game!