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About Epic Digital

Epic Digital is a fast-paced card game of fantasy combat designed by Hall of Fame Magic: the Gathering players Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle. It features the amazing gameplay and beautiful art of a trading card game. Epic Digital is designed around the idea of having every card available to every player. You aren’t forced to spend money or hours of your time chasing down hard-to-find cards just to build the deck that you want to play.

– Unlimited copies of every card
– Play through the story campaign, learning the ropes against the AI
– Challenge a friend or anyone around the world in Online Play
– Practice any deck against the AI
– Play as many Draft, Constructed, or Random 30 (aka “sealed”) games as you like

– Any card is playable from the very first turn
– There is no slow building of resources
– There are no bad starting hands due to resources
– Make big plays or counter your opponent’s, all on the first turn
– Epic starts at full throttle!

– Draft as much as you want, for free
– You play against the person you drafted against, the cards you pass matter
– Dark Draft format found only in Epic Card Game
– Every card is playable in every deck

– Build any deck you want without having to chase down any card, for free
– See a deck you like? Copy it into your decks
– Easily view your deck in-game
– Build around single alignment synergies or get creative with multiple

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How do I redeem my gems, gold, avatars, etc.?

Kickstarter backers and alpha players should receive an email containing a link to redeem their gems, gold, and/or avatars, as appropriate to their pledge or purchase level. If you haven’t created an in-app account yet, you should install the app and create your account first. Once you have an account, open the email link and enter your in-app username and password to claim your rewards. Note: Promo cards are not available yet, but will be enabled in the future. Epic Digital Monthly Championship Avatars will also be awarded at a future date.

What is the prize structure for Epic Digital Arena?

If you win an Arena game, you get a random foil card and you may continue to play in the Arena. If you lose an Arena game, you get a random foil card and you are out of the Arena. Everyone gets one free entry into the Arena each week and may spend gems to enter the Arena additional times. The player with the most wins for the week and the player with the longest win streak for the week will each be awarded one Gold Ticket, which they may spend to enter any monthly championship for a shot at winning the $500 cash prize. You may also use it to enter the $10K championship at Origins Game Fair which includes a full badge to Origins Game Fair. Learn more here.

Is there a way to message other players in the app?

You can’t message players in the app, but there’s the fan-created Epic Card Game Discord Server and the Epic Card Game Digital Facebook Group.

I’m a content creator, can I use some of your graphics in my content?

We have created an Epic Card Game Digital Press Kit that includes graphics, logos and screenshots. You can use these with our permission for non-commercial usage for the purpose of promoting Epic Card Game. You must follow our Community Guidelines and we reserve the right to revoke this permission.

I’m missing some gems, gold, avatars, etc.

If you’re missing something, please email [email protected] with your username, your device name and model, and a description of your issue.

I am having technical issues with the app

Please email [email protected] including your username and issue and we will try to help you!