The Epic Digital Tournament System

Event Info

Use the Epic Digital app to view event dates, formats, sets used, and bugs, if any (navigate as follows: Main Screen > Play Online > Bracket Icon > Event Name > Info Icon).


Join the Wise Wizard Games Discord Server for real-time discussion and assistance during events. We will do what we can to help, but we may not be able to respond to all messages and/or address all issues right away.

Tournament Structure

Most events feature Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8 elimination rounds. Each Swiss round is one game. Each elimination round will be of one game or best of three games, depending on the event. See the event details page for more info (For example, Epic Digital Monthly Championships have 1-game elimination rounds).

Bug Info

Players should work around any bugs. If your game freezes or you are unable to proceed for any reason, close and restart the app. We will announce any confirmed serious bugs in the app. (Gameplay bugs, not cosmetic ones. To view bugs, click the Info Icon on the event page.) If you encounter a serious bug that hasn’t been announced, you may report the bug on Discord in-between rounds. On a case-by-case basis, we will either do nothing (timers and scores will not be adjusted) or restart your match. We may decide to “pause” the tournament for all players for a brief period of time in order to investigate. We may also send in-app messages to all participants disclosing the bug.


To participate, players must register using the app. Registration for Epic Digital Monthly Championships opens a few weeks before each event. For other events, registration usually starts 12 minutes before each event. Registration ends 2 minutes before the start of an event. If the format is constructed, players must select a valid deck upon registration (the Full Constructed Ban List will be enforced).

The tournament system works as follows:

  1. Within 20 minutes before the event, check this page for current bug info.
  2. Within 20 minutes before the event, Update to the latest version of the app.
  3. Sign in to the app.
  4. Click “Play Online”.
  5. Click the tournaments button (, the bracket icon in the upper-right corner).
  6. Click the tournament you’d like to play.
  7. Click the Register button at the bottom center of the screen. If the format is constructed, you’ll be prompted to select your deck.
  8. Verify that your name appears in the list of registered players. If not, go back to #6.
  9. Wait until the registration timer counts down to 0. Registration ends at this time. Then wait approximately two minutes until…
  10. You will receive a “Round Started” notification. Pairings are generated, in-game timers start ticking, and players may begin.
  11. In the “Rounds Info” popup, click the play button to open your game. You may also open your game from the online lobby of the tournament screen.
  12. Play your game. The games are timed. Each player has their own timer with 25 minutes on it. If your timer reaches 0, you lose that game. If it’s your turn to make a move and you don’t for 4 whole minutes, a separate move timer will appear in red and count down for an additional 1 minute. If you don’t make a move by then, you lose.
  13. When your game ends, you’ll be presented with a win/loss screen. Click anywhere to return to the Tournaments Table screen.
  14. When all games in the current round are completed, you will receive a “Round completed” notification in the app. Then, the next round will start after 2 minutes, whether you’re ready or not. You will also receive a “Round starts in 1 minute” notification in the app. Then, the next round will start after 1 minute.
  15. Repeat steps #10 to #14 until you are eliminated or the tournament ends.

Draft Notes

In Draft events, each player will receive their own 5-minute timer during the draft portion and 25-minute timers during the gameplay portion. If a player times out during the draft portion, the match will count as a bye for their opponent.


How is Epic Digital different from the physical game?

To create an awesome play experience in the Epic Digital app, we may occasionally make changes to individual cards, formats, and rules.

Notably, we have changed when choices are made in the app: For most cards, powers, and triggered abilities, players make all choices before resolving their effects. This helps new players by allowing them to “back out” of a play they did not want to make. For example, if you have Infernal Gatekeeper (“Tribute and/or {evil} → You may pay 1 health. If you do, put a demon token into play “) and you play Apocalypse, which triggers the Gatekeeper’s ability, the app will give you three options:

  1. Pay 1 health and put demon token into play, which puts the token into play after Apocalypse resolves.
  2. Do not put a demon token into play, which just causes Apocalypse to resolve.
  3. Cancel, which just returns Apocalypse to your hand.

Note that when you make choices for triggered abilities such as Ally Abilities before the original card resolves, the triggered abilities still happen after the original card resolves (see option #1). Also note that some effects cannot be reversed because they give a player information. For example, if you play a Mist Guide Herald and resolve the Tribute ability (“Reveal the top 5 cards of your deck…”), you cannot cancel the play because you have seen new cards.

What are the Swiss tiebreakers?

In Swiss brackets, ties are broken using the first non-equal item in this ordered list: most points, most opponent points, most games won as first player, most seconds left, and fewest byes.

Can I view decklists?

Constructed decklists can be viewed in the app via the tournament screen after an event ends for a limited period of time. For Epic Digital Monthly Championships, decklists will be available for approximately one month. At this time, we cannot display draft decks, nor which cards were discarded in Random 60 (pick 30) decklists.

What if somebody cheats?

To paraphrase our Community Guidelines: Play fair. Do not attempt to artificially alter the outcome of organized play. For example: Bribing, stalling, harassing, or behaving in any unsportsmanlike manner that could affect the game. Violation of our community guidelines is grounds for the termination of your accounts, forfeiture of any products/content in those accounts, denial to use our online games and services, and denial to participate in organized play.

Can I participate using Epic Digital on Mac?

Epic Digital is not supported on Macintosh computers. While it was available via a Steam beta branch at one time, we have discontinued development and updates for Mac due to a lack of general usage and demand. The old version should not be used for competitive play.

Note: All prizes and tournament structures are subject to change at the sole discretion of Wise Wizard Games.