The Epic Digital Tournament System

11/7/2019 – Changes made since the October championship are marked in purple.

Known Bugs

Players should check this section before each event. We will disclose any confirmed bugs here so that players may work around them during the tournaments. Once a bug is fixed, we will remove it from this section.

Bug: If you switch devices in the middle of a game, your game will break and you will lose the match. As a result, players must use only one device per game. You may switch devices between rounds if necessary.

Tournament Structure

  • If there are fewer than 4 players, the tournament will be canceled.
  • If there are exactly 4 players, the tournament will consist of 2 elimination rounds, each with 1-game matches.
  • If there are exactly 8 players, the tournament will consist of 3 elimination rounds, each with 1-game matches.
  • For any other number of players, the tournament will consist of a swiss bracket with 1-game matches, followed by an elimination bracket with 1-game matches. The number of swiss rounds and the size of the elimination bracket will vary based on the total number of players.


To participate, players must register using the app. Registration usually starts 12 minutes before each event. Registration ends 2 minutes before each event. If the format is constructed, players must select a valid deck upon registration (the Full Constructed Ban List will be enforced).

The tournament system works as follows:

  1. Sign in to the app.
  2. Click “Play Online”.
  3. Click the tournaments button (the bracket icon in the upper-right corner).
  4. Click the tournament you’d like to play.
  5. Click the Register button at the bottom center of the screen. If the format is constructed, you’ll be prompted to select your deck.
  6. Verify that your name appears in the list of registered players. If not, go back to #5.
  7. Wait until the timer counts down to 0.
  8. You will receive a “Round Started” notification. Pairings are generated, in-game timers start ticking, and players may begin.
  9. In the “Rounds Info” popup, click the play button to open your game.
  10. Play your game. The games are timed. Each player has their own timer with 30 minutes on it. If your timer reaches 0, you lose that game. If it’s your turn to make a move and you don’t for 4 whole minutes, a separate move timer will appear in red and count down for an additional 1 minute. If you don’t make a move by then, you lose. In Dark Draft, each player has their own 5-minute timer during the draft portion and 30-minute timers during the gameplay portion.
  11. When the game ends, you’ll be presented with a win/loss screen. Click anywhere to return to the Tournaments Table screen.
  12. When all games in the current round are completed, you will receive a “Round starts in 1 minute” notification in the app. The next round will start in exactly 1 minute, whether you’re ready or not.
  13. Repeat steps 8 to 12 until you are eliminated or the tournament ends.

The times given (30-minute player timers, 5-minute move timers, etc.) may change for future events.


Can I view decklists?

Full Constructed decklists may be viewed in the app via the tournament screen after an event ends for a limited period of time. For Epic Digital Monthly Championships, decklists will be available for approximately one month. Draft decklists will not be available because we cannot currently show critical details about draft decks such as the order in which cards were drafted and which cards were passed or discarded. Likewise, Random 60 decklists will not be available.

What if I encounter a bug?

If a bug occurs, timers and scores will not be adjusted.

If your game freezes or you are unable to proceed for any reason, close and restart the app.

If you encounter a bug with the game rules (for example, if you can’t target a champion that you believe should be targetable), work around the bug. You may report the bug after the tournament.

What are the Swiss tiebreakers?

Ties are broken using the first non-equal item in this ordered list: most points, most games won as first player, most opponent points, most seconds left, and fewest byes.

Can you split prizes?

We do not support prize splitting. If you make any private arrangements, we won’t be involved in any way.

Note: All prizes and tournament structures are subject to change at the sole discretion of White Wizard Games.