Hello all, again! I hope you enjoyed the last preview, where we previewed 5 new cards from Epic’s new Duels Deck, which is a great way for new players to dive into learning how to play Epic, with only 4 keywords to worry about (Airborne, Ambush, Blitz, and Tribute). However, like I said last time, this new Duels Deck has plenty to offer veterans of the game as well. I was most excited about the Abyss Summoner and the Experienced Commander, because of their contributions to my favorite weenie swarm decks. And as you will soon see, the new cards spoiled today will help those even more! So why don’t we just get started?

Get Demonic Rising in
Epic Uprising: Velden’s Wrath

Sporting what I hope will eventually become a new alternate art card for the Demon tokens, From Beyond gives us a pretty powerful new 0-cost card. Similar to the Abyss Summoner, this card gives us a demon token and boosts all of our Evil champions for a turn. Now, the boost may only last for a turn, and it may only be 1 demon token instead of 2, but what more can you expect from a 0-cost? Well, turns out there’s a bit more. You also give that demon token Blitz, so at worst, you have a 0-cost card that gives you a 5/5 Blitzer that turns into a 4/4 body for future turns. That doesn’t sound too bad. But combine this with something like Demonic Rising, and you suddenly have wiped the board, turned everyone into Blitzing demon tokens (hopefully you have more than your opponent), and then with this card you gain an additional demon token and give everyone +1/1! That sounds like a recipe for a good game closer. I fully expect to see some competitive Constructed decks with this card, as well as many Dark Draft games with this card chosen.
As if in response to the previous card, Wild with their woefully underused wolf-swarm decks, maybe could come alive with this new card. We get a solid combat boost for a 0-cost, as well as the option for quick and cheap blockers on a turn. This is another great Dark Draft card that doesn’t have to worry about Loyalty triggers or anything else. This is just a solid card to have. I really hope someone can find a solid wolf-swarm deck that includes this card, because I have been wanting one forever.

Get Chamberlain Kark in
Epic Uprising: Kark’s Edict

Good heavens, what did we do to deserve such amazing token swarm cards?! Here we have another great alternate art option for tokens, and possibly my vote as the biggest Constructed-meta-changing card previewed so far. This card is bonkers considering it is a 0-cost. You get 3 human tokens, which can be crucial to get enough to combo and finish off your opponent, or to survive an attack. You also can get 7 health! That is a lot of health for nothing. This card will find its way into many human token decks, and the choice of whether to get 3 tokens or 7 health will be a fun decision. This card could also bring back Kark into the meta. After the nerfing of several key cards, this deck archetype has been on the shelf, just not quite being able to compete with the other strong decks out there. But could this card change that? Gaining 7 health in a 0-cost sounds pretty good to me, and that goes a good way to getting to the 60 life needed to win the game with Kark. Just like the previous 2 cards, this is also a solid choice in a Dark Draft, with no Loyalty requirements. Consider me excited!
This art is amazing. I love the colors used and the evocative scene it paints. It also seems like a pretty decent card as well. It sports a draw-2 option, which is always sought after, and it provides a board wipe of sorts. Widespread Banishing is always nice, since your opponent cannot use the cards in the discard pile in order to Recycle and draw extra cards. The targets may seem a little limited considering they have to have at least 7 defense, but I don’t think that’s a horrible thing. For one, if this card goes into a Kark deck (along with the previous card), this will allow it to hopefully pull off a one-sided board wipe against the most difficult matchup that deck has at the moment in Wild decks with giant champions. And second, most of the champions that would cause huge headaches for a given deck (especially in Dark Draft), have more than 7 defense. Board wipes and card draw are important, and this card gives both, and has no Loyalty issues as well. I think this is a solid pick in both Constructed and Dark Draft.
And our last preview (for now), is Transmogrify. This is another combat-trick-like card. This gives you the ability to try and force your opponent into a bad situation: They can either take a ton of damage from your beefed up champions, or lose probably every individual battle with your beefed up champions with their drained champions. Plus, you get a card draw to replace this when you play it! I have a deck of bouncing and Blitzing Sage champions that includes Velden to bounce and replay cards like Shadow Imp and Warrior Golem, and I think this card could definitely find a place in there.
So there ya go! What do you think? Do you want to do another poll? See below! Let us know in the comments how excited you are for these new cards, and what you are looking forward to. I can’t wait to see some new stuff and share it with you, so stay tuned as we get closer to the kickstarter!

Comment below: Which card would you pick in the first round of Dark Draft, if these 5 new cards made up the first 5-card pack you got?

1. From Beyond

2. Howl

3. Mobilize

4. Subjugate

5. Transmogrify

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Note: these cards are not final and are subject to change