Epic Reviews:

Gameruman – “If you’re looking for a fun CCG-like game and don’t want to fork out an arm, leg and kidney or spend hours grinding for cards. EPIC is the game for you.”

Geek and Sundry – “The interesting thing about this game is that it can be played with random decks, or can be tuned in a constructed deck fashion. Either way, it’s an epic battle every time.”

Grey Elephant Gaming – “It’s got a lot of strategy and a lot of depth for just a simple card game, and for $15, it’s just money well spent.”

Just Press Start – “Epic is most definitely a high-quality product.”

KillerHype – “Epic is a truly fun experience, lending a fresh take on a several years-old style of tabletop card battling.”

Neutral Grounds – “Epic the Card Game offers a card game of destruction and mayhem in such a small package. This game is also ideal if you want to feel like you’re playing a trading card game without spending much.”

Speaking Out on Life – “Epic Card Game by Wise Wizard Games is in a single word, awesome.”

Sprites and Dice – “They’ve done a good job of creating something that is easy to start, fun to play, and fairly well balanced even when playing with randomized decks. With an entry point of just $15, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new card game.”

Theology of Games – “Epic Card Game is nothing short of epic! Lots of powerful cards with great balance, and fun powers that give you a lot of strategic flexibility.”

Trading Card Game.com – EPIC Card Game is the insanely overpowered game the collective TCG/CCG world has been waiting for, and it’s all contained in a single box – utter genius! Possibly the best physical card game release of 2015. Do not walk — run and pick up this game at your earliest convenience.  9/10


Epic Tyrants Review:

Just Press Start – “The fact that Tyrants like its predecessor is a one-time investment is immensely appealing, and the solid strategy and clever gameplay twists continue to make it an attractive purchase.”