Formats – Multiplayer

There are some rules which apply to all multiplayer games:

  • Each player begins with 1 gold. Determine which player goes first, and play proceeds clockwise.
  • The player that goes first draws a card at the start of their turn (unlike in a two-player game).
  • When a player is eliminated from the game, all cards that started in their deck also leave the game.
  • At the start of a player’s turn, that player loses their gold, then gain 1 gold. As the very last thing at the end of their turn, they lose their gold, then gain 1 gold. Important note: In multiplayer, players no longer gain a gold each turn — they get one gold for their turn and they get just one gold for all of the time that isn’t their turn.


Players face off against each other sitting around a table. In Free-for-all, there are no restrictions on which player you may attack, and your events and champion powers may target any player. The winner is the last player remaining.

This format has the fewest rules, but it can take the longest to complete as people scramble to get help from teammates to stay in the game.


Hunter – First Blood

Same as Free-for-all, except that you may only attack the player to your left and you may only play events targeting the players to your left and right. Your cards can only affect yourself and the players to your left and right.

The game ends when a player is eliminated. The player to the right of the eliminated player wins the game, no matter who did the eliminating – so play carefully!


Hunter – Last One Standing

Same as Hunter – First Blood, except the game continues when a player is eliminated. The person to the right of the eliminated player gains 5 health and draws a card.




This format is for an equal number of players on each team. A team of players shares the same turn.

Each player has their own decks, discard piles, champions, and gold, but they share a health total that begins at 30 times the number of players on the team.

Attacks are directed at an opposing team (instead of at a specific player). A player’s champions may attack and block in groups with teammates’ champions.



Raid and Emperor

Coming soon.