Formats – Multiplayer


These rules only apply to games with three or more players.

Players take their turns and pass initiative in a clockwise direction.

At the start of the game, each player sets their gold to 1. At the start of each turn and again at the end of each turn, the player whose turn it is sets their gold to 1. Players don’t gain gold on other players’ turns, regardless of how many players are in the game.

The first player draws a card at the start of their first turn (unlike in a two-player game).

When a player loses or leaves the game, remove all cards they own from the game. If they control any other players’ champions, those players regain control of their champion(s). If the removed player has any events or triggers that haven’t resolved or are currently resolving, also remove those from the game. If the removed player had initiative, pass it to the player to their left. If it was the removed player’s turn, finish their turn without them (anytime the removed player would have initiative, it passes to the player to their left instead).


In this everybody-for-themselves format, you may attack and target any opponent. The last player alive wins.

Hunter – First Blood

Same as Free-for-all, except you may only attack the player to your left. Your effects can only see and affect you and players to your immediate left and right (for example, “banish all champions” would affect your and their champions, but not anyone else’s). When any player is eliminated, the player to their right wins (no matter who did the eliminating – so play carefully!).

Hunter – Last One Standing

Same as Hunter – First Blood, except when a player is eliminated, the person to their right doesn’t win. Instead, that person gains 5 health and draws a card.

Team Multiplayer

For Team Multiplayer games, each team counts as a single entity. The last team standing wins! Alternatively, if any one player wins the game (for example, by drawing a card from an empty deck), their entire team wins the game.

Hydra (Same-size teams)

Each team of players shares a health total, which starts at 30 times the number of players on the team, and shares each turn. Each player has their own deck, discard pile, champions, and gold.

Attacks are directed at an opposing team. A player’s champions may attack and block in groups with teammates’ champions. Your teammate can block or help block (group block) attacks directed at you.

Emperor (6 Players)

These rules are BETA rules and may change after additional playtesting and feedback.

Players split into two teams of three. Each team chooses one teammate to be their Emperor. The Emperors sit facing each other, flanked by their teammates (Commanders) on either side:

Emperors start the game with 40 Health and Commanders start with 30 Health each. Players on the team going first (Team A) will not draw a card on their first turns. Play begins with Player 1 and proceeds clockwise (each player on Team A takes their turn starting with the player to their Emperor’s right, then each player on Team B takes their turn starting with the player to their Emperor’s right).

Emperors may attack any opposing player and may target any champion. Commanders may only attack the opposing commander directly across from them. They may only target their own champions, their Emperor’s champions, and champions controlled by the Commander directly across from them. If the commander directly across from you is eliminated, you may then attack/target the opposing Emperor and their champions. A commander and their effects cannot see or affect the opposing commander diagonal to them, nor the other commander on their own team (for example, “banish all champions” would not affect champions controlled by those players.)

When an Emperor is defeated, their team loses the game!

Raid (3-6 Players: 1 Boss and 2-5 Raiders)

These rules are BETA rules and may change after additional playtesting and feedback.

Choose one player to act as the Boss with all other players acting as Raiders. The Boss begins the game with a variable amount of health and starting hand size, both determined by the number of Raiders (see table below). Raiders begin the game with 30 health each and five-card hands. Play starts with the Boss and proceeds clockwise around the table.


Raiders take their turns individually. Raiders may look at each other’s hands and discuss strategy. Though Raiders are a team, each still has their own Health and Gold, and still makes their own decisions regarding playing cards, activating abilities, attacking, and blocking. If all of the Raiders are eliminated, the Boss wins!

The Boss

The Boss gets a Gold at the start of their turn as usual, but also gets a Gold at the start of each Raider’s turn.

At the end of each Raider’s turn, if the boss has unspent gold, they draw a card. (As usual, unspent gold does not carry over to future turns.)

The Boss’ starting Health score and hand size is dependent on the number of Raiders.

# of Raiders Boss Starting Health Boss Starting Hand Size
2 30 7
3 40 7
4 40 8
5 50 8

If the Boss is eliminated, the Raiders win!