Origins Epic 10K Championship

Saturday June 15th, 10AM
Origins Game Fair – Columbus, Ohio

This is an invitation-only event. (But there are open qualifiers at Origins that anyone can play in)

There are three ways to qualify for the Origins Epic $10K Championship:

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Origins Epic 10K Championship Prizes

PlaceCashGold TicketsAlt-Art Token SetsExclusive Playmat

Each alt-art token set includes 5 Human/Demon tokens and 5 Zombie/Wolf tokens, plus alt-art tokens in the digital app.

Players must fill out all appropriate tax forms before they will be given their prize.

Origins Epic 10K Championship Format

Sets used: Base Set, Tyrants, Uprising, and Pantheon

Swiss Rounds

Swiss rounds: 1-game matches

Odd rounds: Full Constructed (Deck lists will be collected during the player meeting at the start of the tournament).

Even rounds: Dark Draft

Number of Swiss rounds based on attendance. Cut to top 8 single elimination rounds.

Top 8

Top 8 matches are best 2 out of 3.

Top 8 formats are Full Constructed and Dark Draft.

The player that finished with a higher standing in the Swiss rounds chooses the format for game 1 of the match. The loser of each game chooses the format for the next game of the match.

Note: All prizes and tournament structures are subject to change at the sole discretion of White Wizard Games.