We have a new update for Epic Digital that will be rolling out tomorrow, Monday, July 13. I have had a chance to play with this version, and it is awesome! So many improvements! This release will be launching at 9:30 am EST, so finish up your games today and tonight. This update will wipe out any games in progress, but we think you will love these new improvements to the game!


There is now Undo in all game modes! There is a undo icon in the top left corner whenever you can undo. You can undo most things, until you get information. That means you can’t undo passing to your opponent, drawing cards, seeing things in your deck, or your opponent making choices.

Undo button in Epic Card Game Digital strategy card game

Undo is Now Available in the Top Left Corner!

UI and UX improvements 

We’ve listened to your feedback. We made lots of improvements in the user interface to make Epic Digital easier to play:

    • The lighting changes to night on your opponent’s turn, and daytime during your turn, to add another visual indicator of whether or not it is your turn.

    • There’s now iconography for which player’s move it is, and which player can play cards, so it’s easier for newer players to know when it is their move.

    • The pass button has more descriptive text, and is colored to show which player will get initiative next.

    • Whenever a card is played or an effect is triggered, the game shows you the card or effect briefly. You can tap to skip.

    • Visual indicators of combat show which champions will break and how much damage will be done.

    • Card zooming and readability is improved. By default, the game zooms in on your hand when you have to choose cards from it (for example mulligans, loyalty, and discarding).

    • You can now change your settings during a match.

    • Tokens can be stacked by using the settings. This cleans up your board nicely!

    • New effects and sounds.

Card Zoom in Epic Card Game Digital

Click on the Eye for Zoom


Skull Shows Impending Death! Tokens can be stacked!

If you have feedback on the release, we would love to hear it. If you have a bug, please report it to [email protected]. If you would like to chat with other players about the release, the best place to do that is in the Epic Digital Card Game Facebook Group or in the Epic Card Game Discord Server. See you online in the battlefield!