Epic Combos and Rules: Part II

Expanding on my previous combo article, I bring you more combos! Some of these you may have seen before. Others may be new. They’re intended to be more fun than anything else. However, you may find yourself in a draft where you can take advantage of one of these interactions. Or you may be inspired to build an entire constructed deck around them. (See the final combo for said inspiration).

Murderous Necromancer with Secret Legion or The Risen

ec1 ec2 ec3

Murderous Necromancer has a powerful expend ability, but doesn’t have Blitz. Therefore, it often won’t last in play long enough to use. One unexpected play you can pull off with Secret Legion or The Risen is to give Murderous Necromancer Blitz on your opponent’s turn. Play Murderous Necromancer on your turn, then, if it survives until you have initiative on your opponent’s turn, play Secret Legion or The Risen to give it Blitz. Then, not only can you get to break a champion a turn earlier than expected, but you’ll also have a small army!

Turn and Powerful Champions

burrowing_wurm necromancer_lord turn

Turn is a powerful card that can permanently gain control of one of your opponent’s champions. You can also use the first mode to take their champion for a turn to attack, or block, or whatever. However, this first mode is not limited to just your opponent’s champions. You can use it on your own champions to great effect. If you do, turn will prepare your champion and give it Blitz. You can return a champion to play with Necromancer Lord, use Turn, and do it again in the same turn. You can also attack with a Burrowing Wurm to deal 18 damage to your opponent, then use Turn to prepare it and attack again in the same turn.

Forcemage Apprentice, Deadly Raid, and Rage


Forcemage Apprentice has a unique ally ability that prepares it whenever you play a one cost Sage card. You can leverage this ability in an unexpected way with the following sequence. Play Rage on your Forcemage Apprentice and attack. Before blockers are declared, play Deadly Raid to make it unblockable and trigger its ally ability. This prepares it and now you have a 6/5 Unblockable attacker with Breakthrough that can attack again in the same turn.

Corpse Taker and Sea Titan


Sea Titan is a powerful champion with Untargetable and can be a nuisance for your opponent. In conjunction with Corpse Taker, it can become a nightmare! Play Corpse Taker to return Sea Titan from your discard pile to hand. Then immediately play Sea Titan returning Corpse Taker back to your hand. This is one of the more powerful combos in this article as it only requires two cards and has few vulnerabilities.

Brachiosaurus, Final Task and Mighty Blow


Bring on the Dinosaurs! Put Brachiosaurus into play with Final Task and receive an additional gold from its Tribute effect. Then, use that gold to play Mighty Blow which gives Brachiosaurus an additional 10 attack and Unbreakable. Attack with an 18 power Breakthrough, Blitz Dinosaur that won’t break at end of turn from Final Task (unless Blind Faith…sad day).

Necromancer Lord and Brachiosaurus (and Surprise Attack)


For those waiting for Time Master to become legal to have more than one gold a turn at your disposal, you don’t have to wait! If you’re lucky enough to have Necromancer Lord survive until your next turn with a Brachiosaurus in your discard pile you can bring it into play and voila! You have two gold.

Bonus: With Surprise Attack, you not only increase the likelihood Necromancer Lord survives by putting it into play on your opponent’s turn, you can eliminate the Gold restriction from Brachiosaurus by putting a champion of any alignment into play.

Time Master and Temporal Enforcer and Teleport and Owl Familiar

If you’ve ever wanted to win by drawing your entire deck in constructed, here is a guaranteed way to make that happen. It requires a lot of setup, but is an uninterruptable combo that will result in you drawing your entire deck in one turn when executed properly. To execute the combo, you’ll need to climb Everest. Uh, I mean have a Time Master in play ready to use its expend ability and a Teleport, Temporal Enforcer, and Owl Familiar in hand… Well, same difference I guess. Once you’ve reached base camp… I mean, got this setup, complete the following sequence;

  1. Expend Time Master to gain one Gold.
  2. Play Teleport targeting Time Master to return it to play Prepared with Blitz and draw a card.

Then, use Temporal Enforcer’s ally trigger from playing Teleport to return Owl Familiar to your hand. If Temporal Enforcer is not already in play, you can put it into play before playing Teleport by using your normal gold for the turn. The same applies to Owl Familiar except it’s free to play.

  1. Play Owl Familiar targeting Teleport to return it to your hand.
  2. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until you’ve won the game.

If you’re less interested in drawing your entire deck and more interested in dealing infinite damage, sprinkle in a Forcemage Apprentice or Blue Dragon and substitute Turn for Teleport. You can also get funky with Keeper of Secrets and stack the cards from your discard pile to the bottom of your deck. If you want to jump start the process, bring back a broken Time Master with Final Task. It’ll come into play with Blitz and that end of turn trigger won’t even matter. You can even maneuver Time Master straight to your discard pile with the new card Frantic Digging from Uprisings. This ensures your Time Master won’t be banished before bringing it into play with Final Task. Kalnor’s Blessing is also an option for those wanting some extra protection.


Sadly, this combo is not currently legal for tournaments as it requires the Kickstarter promos. However, it will be legal once those cards are release in their retail set and the combo can be done without passing initiative. So when that time comes, be on the lookout for crafty players trying to Time Master combo their way to an instant win.

-Derek Arnold