Introducing Uprising!

Uprising is a set of four expansion packs for Epic Card Game, each with 13 non-random cards.

Uprising includes Kark’s Edict, Flames of Scarros, Velden’s Wrath, and Will of Zannos. These packs will be legal for the main event of the 2016 Epic Card Game World Championship. (Note: They are not legal for the Last Chance Qualifiers.)

Because this set is being released so close to the Epic World Championship, we have decided to make a print-and-play no-art version of the cards available to help with practice and playtesting. Grab the file today and purchase the set later this fall. We have also updated our Collected Rulings document, for those who want to want to get very technical.

Kark’s Edict

One of four Epic Uprising Expansion packs for the Epic Card Game.

Captain Markus’ tyrannical grip on the people of Covenant has sparked an uprising. With the city in chaos, Chamberlain Kark has issued an edict declaring martial law. As the Watch make scores of arrests, popular support for the uprising grows even stronger. Will justice prevail?


Kark’s Edict pack contents:

Chamberlain Kark
Justice Prevails
Martial Law
Mythic Monster
Fires of Rebellion
Spore Beast
Grave Demon
Winged Death
Citadel Scholar
Fairy Trickster
Knight of Elara
and a Human/Demon token.


Flames of Scarros

One of four Epic Uprising Expansion packs for the Epic Card Game.

For years, the wilds around the city of Covenant have been terrorized by the mighty Draka. Now, there are whispers that the tyrannical dragon may have been defeated. This is small comfort to those being burned out of their homes by Draka’s hound, Scarros. With each fiery battle, Scarros’ power seems to grow. Will someone defeat him before the wilds are consumed in flame?


Flames of Scarros pack contents:

Scarros, Hound of Draka
Hunting Pack
Go Wild
Little Devil
No Escape
Saren, Night Stalker
Force Field
War Machine
Brand, Rebel Fighter
Master Zo
Silver Dragon
and a Wolf/Zombie token.


Velden’s Wrath

One of four Epic Uprising Expansion packs for the Epic Card Game.

The mighty Velden has come from the far north. Has this wrathful titan come to fight the forces of Draka and demons of Raxxa, or is he just another one of the mysterious Helion’s puppets? The fairies say he is the one heralded by the mist guides, and they’ve rallied to his banner. As his forces come closer to the city of Covenant, the question looms: hero or villain?

Velden’s Wrath pack contents:

Velden, Frost Titan
Erratic Research
Frantic Digging
Angel of the Gate
Rescue Griffin
Village Protector
Den Mother
Flame Spike
Winds of Change
Demonic Rising
Raxxa’s Enforcer
Rift Summoner
and a Human/Demon token.


Will of Zannos

One of four Epic Uprising Expansion packs for the Epic Card Game.

With the city of Covenant in the midst of a savage uprising, a dark force is growing in the shadows. Zannos, the Corpse Lord, is using the casualties of the conflict to provide more soldiers for his army of plague zombies. Can the will of Zannos be stopped before it’s too late?


Will of Zannos pack contents:

Zannos, Corpse Lord
Plague Zombies
Citadel Raven
Reusable Knowledge
Siren’s Song
Avenger of Covenant
Gladius, the Defender
Entangling Vines
Savage Uprising
and a Wolf/Zombie token.



These four packs each has an MSRP of $4.99. Coming soon to a game store near you… they can also be purchased at Wise Wizard Games Fair 2016!