Event Date:

Saturday May 25th
Round 1 begins 11 AM Eastern Time


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Full Constructed using BASE SET ONLY.

Players must use the same constructed deck throughout the tournament with no changes to the cards in the deck.

There will be a number of Swiss rounds based on attendance. Swiss rounds will be one-game matches.

After the Swiss rounds we will cut to elimination rounds (best 2 out of 3 games). Number of players that advance to the elimination rounds based on attendance.

Gems are an in-game currency. Prize Gems will appear in the app when the game is generally released (they will not show up immediately).

Note: The Full Constructed Ban List will be enforced.


General information on Epic Digital Monthly Championships can be found here.

Eventually, these events will be fully automated within the Epic Digital App. For now, we will be running them as follows.

We will be using Battlefy to share information about the tournament including the list of registered usernames, pairings, and standings. As a means to simplify things for our players, nobody will be required to create a Battlefy account, or allowed to connect their existing accounts.

Players must join our Epic Card Game Events Discord Server for real-time communication during the tournament. It includes four channels:

  • General is for casual group discussion.
  • Updates is for announcements including pairings, round start and end times, and standings.
  • Scores is for reporting match results.
  • Problems is for reporting event-related issues.

Rob and AdamWWG will be providing assistance on Discord. If you are new to Discord, you should familiarize yourself with it well before the event. If you have trouble with Discord, please email [email protected].


All players with one or more Gold Tickets will be emailed (Subject “May 2019 Epic Digital Monthly Championship Registration”).

Players who would like to participate in the May Championship must reply to that email saying “Sign me up. My Discord username is [enter your username] and my Discord PIN is [enter your four-digit PIN].” On desktop, your discord username and PIN appear in the lower left corner of the app. On mobile, tap the three bars and look in the lower left corner of the app. By sending this information to us, you consent to our collection of the information for the purpose of identifying you and communicating with you about our products and events. Players should register at their earliest convenience. Registration ends on Wednesday May 22nd at 5PM Eastern Time.

Registered players will have one Gold Ticket removed from their inventory. If you reply to the registration email and your name doesn’t appear in the list of registered usernames within two days,  post to the Problems channel on Discord.

If you have a Gold Ticket but don’t receive your registration email by May 17th, contact [email protected].


The first round of the tournament will start at 11AM Eastern Time and end at Noon Eastern Time. The tournament matches won’t be timed, but players are expected to play at a reasonable pace.

We will announce pairings and standings before each round of the tournament in the Updates channel on Discord. The pairings will be displayed in a data table. The left player must issue a Challenge to the right player in the Epic Digital App. The winners must report their match results in the Scores channel on Discord promptly after completing their match. The loser must confirm the match results. If a score is contested, we will look up the score in our database. Otherwise, the reported score is final.

After each round is completed, we will post pairings for the next round in the Updates channel on Discord. The announcement will include the start time (approximately 5 minutes after the announcement is issued) and end time for the next round.

Post to the Problems channel on Discord whenever:

  • a challenge is not issued and accepted within 5 minutes after the round’s start time.
  • you miss a round and would like to participate in the remaining rounds.
  • you are still playing 5 minutes before the round’s end time. (Post a status update like “Rob and AdamWWG are still playing”.)
  • any other issues arise during the tournament.

Note: All prizes and tournament structures are subject to change at the sole discretion of Wise Wizard Games.