Martin Dickie

Winner – Epic Constructed Qualifier at Gen Con 2016



What is your name, your age, and the city and state where you live now? 
My name is Martin Dickie, I am 19 years old from Framingham, MA.

When did you start playing Epic Card Game? What was your first strategy card game? How long have you been playing these sorts of games?

I started playing the Epic Card Game just before PAX East with a friend. Before this, I played Magic the Gathering, and I’ve been playing strategic card games for about 10 years.

How often do you play Epic Card Game? Do you have a group that you play Epic with? Do you have a testing group (for constructed or for limited)?

I play Epic at least 2 times a week. I do have a group of friends that I normally play with, and I don’t really have a formal group that I test with.

Questions for Constructed:

Talk to us about your deck. Why did you choose the deck you did? What were you trying to accomplish, and how happy were you with your deck’s performance? Would you change anything about the deck if you were to use it again?

So my deck was a tempo oriented Wild/Evil deck. I was very interested in the play style after theory-crafting it. I was trying to win the qualifier, and I gotta say, I was moderately happy with the deck. Yes, I would make some changes, I made some interesting card choices, some which I would happily cut for more Flame Strikes, and perhaps a few strong board wipes.

What were you expecting the rest of the tournament to use? Was your deck specifically trying to beat an expected field of opponents, or were you just trying to do one specific thing ignoring what other people were doing?

I was kind of expecting the Necro-Bounce deck to be popular, but my deck wasn’t made to beat a set field of opponents, I mostly was concerned with making a strong deck that won the game through aggressive ways and tempo plays.

What do you think is the most important card or interaction in your deck, and why? What were you most afraid of facing during the event?

Probably the use of Lash or Rage on any of my larger champs, as my main goal with the deck was to force opponents to use their gold before me on my turn, and then push cards that had immediate threat value.

Final Questions:

What plans do you have for testing between now and the World Championships this November?
Not too many plans currently, but am hoping to play semi-frequently with other high level Epic players, and hoping that it’s enough testing.

And, finally, what advice do you want to give to the people trying to win an Epic World Championship Qualifier?

Not losing is just about as good as winning.