Battlefy Tournament Page

Important Dates

Tournament Start Time: Saturday, July 27th at 11 AM ET
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, July 24th at 5 PM ET


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Gems are an in-game currency. Prize Gems will appear in the app when the game is generally released (they will not show up immediately).

Cash winners must fill out all appropriate tax forms before they will be given their prize.


Dark Draft using the Base Set, Tyrants, and Uprising.

Each game, players will redraft and play with the decks that they just drafted.

The preliminaries bracket will consist of a number of Swiss rounds based on attendance. Swiss rounds will be one round of drafting then a single game with their drafted deck. Top players will advance to the finals bracket which will consist of elimination rounds. These will be best 2 out of 3 games, with a new draft for each game. The number of players that advance to the elimination rounds will be based on attendance.


General information on Epic Digital Monthly Championships can be found here. Eventually, these events will be fully automated within the Epic Digital App. For now, we will be running them as follows.

You must have a Discord user account before the tournament. It’s okay if your Discord username does not match your Epic username. You must join our Epic Card Game Events Discord Server for real-time communication and assistance during the tournament.

You must have a Battlefy user account before the tournament. It’s okay if your Battlefy username does not match your Epic username. You’ll use our Battlefy tournament page to view the list of participants, pairings, standings, and to report your match results. We will not be using Battlefy’s private messaging or announcement features.

If you are new to Discord or Battlefy, you must familiarize yourself with them before the event.


All players with one or more Gold Tickets will be emailed (Subject “Epic Digital Monthly Championship Registration”).

Players who would like to register for the championship must reply to that email saying “Sign me up”. Registered players will have one gold ticket removed from their inventory. If you have a Gold Ticket but don’t receive your registration email by the Monday before the tournament, contact [email protected]. Registration ends at 5 PM ET on the Wednesday before the tournament.

After the registration deadline, we will send the following to registered players:

  • A single-use Discord authentication code for first-time championship players. You must post this code to the Authentication channel on Discord. This enables us to confirm your identity on Discord.
  • A single-use Battlefy join code. You must login to Battlefy, visit the tournament page, then “Join” the tournament using this code. After that, you’ll be prompted to enter your Epic In-App Username. Finally, your Epic username will appear on the tournament page under “Participants”.

If you have not received your code(s) by 5 PM on the Thursday before the tournament, contact [email protected]. You must submit your code(s) by 10 AM ET on the day of the tournament, or you will not be included in the tournament pairings.


The tournament matches won’t be timed, but players are expected to play at a reasonable pace. The winners must promptly report their match results on Battlefy.

We will announce pairings before each round and standings after each round via the Updates channel on Discord. Players should report any errors within 5 minutes of each announcement via the General channel on Discord. If a score is contested within this period of time, we will look up the score in our database. Otherwise, the reported score is final. We will also announce round start times and end times in the Updates channel.

Post to the General channel on Discord whenever:

  • there is an error in the scores, pairings, or standings (report errors within 5 minutes after each announcement).
  • a challenge is not issued and accepted within 5 minutes after the round’s start time.
  • you miss a round and would like to participate in the remaining rounds.
  • any other issues arise during the tournament.

How to Use Battlefy

Click Here

In the Preliminaries bracket (Swiss matches), pairings are displayed in table columns. The left player must issue a Challenge to the right player in the Epic Digital App. The winner must report their match scores via the tournament page under Brackets > Preliminaries > [select round number] > [select your match].

In the Finals bracket (elimination matches), pairings are displayed in a horizontal tree. The top player must issue a Challenge to the bottom player in the Epic Digital App. The winner must report their match scores via the tournament page under Brackets > Finals > Matches Button > [select your match].

The winners must promptly save their match results using the red “Report Score” button on their match page. Players are not required to take screenshots.

Note: All tournament structures and prizes are subject to change at the sole discretion of Wise Wizard Games.