Formats – Sealed

“Sealed” formats come from the tradition of trading card games, where players open their decks and packs and build a deck against others who have done the same thing. Unlike in TCGs, in Epic you can play sealed formats again and again without additional purchases.

Quick Play

(2+ players)

Shuffle the Epic deck and deal 30 cards to each player. Those cards become their decks; just start playing!

We consider this format to be the fastest way to play and to learn the game.

Random 45

(2+ players)

The same as Quick Play, except after dealing out the 45 cards to each player they then build a 30-card deck from their 45 cards. You can, of course, deal any number of cards to each player. As a handicap, you can give more or less cards to someone based on their skill level.

This format allows people to tune their deck to their liking, without spending much time before getting into the action.

Random 60

(2+ players)

This is the format we format we use in our World Championship Qualifiers.

Players receive a decklist. Each alignment has between 13 and 17 cards, with a total of 60 cards. Players check off 30 cards on the sheet, then take those cards out of their personal collection of cards, and that is their deck for the event.

If someone is unhappy with their decklist, they can “mulligan” and receive a new one. The mulligan decklists have only 56 cards (12 to 16 cards per alignment) and players may only mulligan once.

If you want to practice, you can download our 250 “Random 60” Practice Decklists. Just pick a random page and print it out!