The Epic World Championship 2016 is in the books and we have a World Champion — John Tatian! We are putting together a retrospective on the entire event and will be posting a lot more content to our YouTube channel in the near future (so please subscribe!). But, in the meantime, we didn’t want to wait before posting the amazing final match between John Tatian and Grand Finalist Will Morgan.

Here are several key moments from this video:

An interview with Will Morgan
0:08 An interview with John Tatian

Dark Draft
0:13 CJ Moynihan and Epic Card Game designer Darwin Kastle cover the Dark Draft
0:33 Game 1 between Will and John
1:01 Analysis of Game 1
1:08 Game 2
1:23 Analysis of Game 2

1:25 Analysis of the Constructed decks
1:29 Game 3
2:11 Analysis of Game 3
2:14 Game 4
2:34 Analysis of Game 4
2:40 Game 5

Closing Presentation
3:08 Recap of the Match and the Weekend
3:11 Interview with Grand Finalist Will Morgan
3:17 Interview with World Champion John Tatian
3:22 Wise Wizard Games CEO and Epic Card Game Lead Designer Rob Dougherty presents the trophy and check to the Champion