savage_uprisingKong. Punching a dinosaur.

Savage Uprising is one of those rarely-seen “OR” cards that give you two ways to advance towards a win condition. Usually, the “OR” cards let you do something or draw two cards (if the thing you want to do is no longer a good option). Compare this card to Wave of Transformation. That card lets you wipe the board or draw two cards. This card lets you selectively wipe the board or draw a card and deal five damage to your opponent. This combination of strength and flexibility is rarely seen in wild cards.

There is another aspect to this card as well: this card enables new token-based strategies in a way wild hasn’t previously had. The good alignment has cards like Inheritance of the Meek as a way to wipe the board while keeping its tokens in play. Now, wild has a sweeper for its token decks as well. Maybe there is a good/wild deck that uses Inheritance, Savage Uprising, and Quell as its control suite?

Savage Uprising is just one of the 48 new cards in Epic Uprising, making its worldwide debut at Wise Wizards Game Fair next month. Join us there and pick up your copy, or ask your friendly local game store to order Uprising from their distributor.