Epic Card Game Summer Smackdown


Summer is almost here, and you know what that means? Sun, fun, and gorillas punching dinosaurs in the face!

To kick off the start of Summer (in the US, your seasons may vary), we’re announcing the Epic Summer Smackdown. Simply have your local store send a request to [email protected], and we will mail them a prize kit. Anywhere in the world that we can send mail is eligible.


Prize Kits contain:

1 Game Day Pack, with promo cards not yet available in a retail release. Each pack has 10 cards (8 of one, 2 of another). This Summer we’ll be sending out an all-new Game Day Pack with the new season’s promo cards!

1 Random Convention promo. We have a few extras from cons such as PAX, Spiel, Dragon Con, Origins, Gen Con, and Wise Wizard Game Fair. Win some unique and unavailable cards!

1 Alt-art Velden promo card.

Limit one per store per event. If you run an event, please send us some pictures, and we’ll plug the store on social media. If the store gets 8 or more, the store can run another one. Everybody wins!


Here’s the other cool part: We don’t tell you what kind of event to run. Do whatever you like. Invent a format. Put together a draft cube and go nuts. Invent a bidding system. Be as creative as you like. The only thing we ask is that the format gives all players equal access to the fun.

If you come up with something amazing and cool, let us know. Your crazy format could even make it into the rulebook!

We will also be running a series of livestream events through the app with some of the best Epic players in the world. Who wants to challenge the reigning Epic World Champion, John Tatian? Send an email to [email protected] if you want to play live in the Epic Summer Smackdown series!