2016 saw the crowning of our first World Champion and over $100,000 in cash prizes awarded. We will continue to create a great competitive environment for Epic Card Game in 2017 with a renewed focus on in-store events, the creation of a new Grand Qualifier program, and the return of the Epic World Championship!

Epic World Championship, November 17-20 2017

We are going to do it again! We will once again be giving out at least $100,000 in prizes, with every competitor taking home at least $500! Will you become the next Epic World Champion taking home the gigantic $25,000 check? In addition to great Epic events all weekend long, we will have Star Realms, Hero Realms, and other nifty games as well. The Epic World Championship was a fantastic time last year — take a look at this video and see for yourself.

In-Store Epic Events

Does your store run Epic events? Great! Have them contact [email protected] and we will promote those events across our social media and on our website. Does your store NOT run Epic events? Time to fix that! In-Store Events are a great way for Epic players to meet and compete. Please see our Run an Epic Tournament page for details.

Tournament kits and Game Day Packs are available for tournament prizes with special promo cards, deckboxes, and playmats and you won’t want to miss out! Your store can order tournament kits through distributors and directly from WWG by having your store contact [email protected].


Epic World Championship Qualifiers

The Road to Worlds begins at your friendly local game store. Stores interested in running events should visit our Road to Worlds page.

Everyone who attends a qualifier will receive a promotional card; those who do well will receive larger prizes. The winner will receive an invitation to the World Championships!

WWG will also run qualifiers at conventions. See a list of qualifiers here. Events will continue to be added, so check back often. You can also follow us on Facebook for updates.

Epic Grand Qualifiers

Grand Qualifiers are special tournaments that award $1,000 in cash prizes and TWO invitations to the World Championships! These events cost $30 to enter and feature great competition and prizes!

  • FIRST PLACE: $200 + playmat + prize promo card + qualify for Worlds
  • SECOND PLACE: $150 + playmat + prize promo card + qualify for Worlds
  • 3rd and 4th: $125 + storage box + prize promo card
  • 5th through 8th: $100 + prize promo card
  • All players: participation promo card

Our first Grand Qualifier will take place Saturday April 15th at 10:30am at Pandemonium Games in Cambridge Massachusetts. It will feature the Random 60 / Dark Draft format.

Other Ways to Qualify for Worlds

We plan to launch Epic Digital Card Game this year, and hold World Qualifier tournaments through that app. We will also qualify players at Last Chance Qualifiers on-site during World Championship. We may also extend special invites directly, as we did last year.

Get ready! We have an exciting year of Epic Card Game Organized Play planned and we hope you will join us!