Epic Digital Foils

Epic digital has beautiful foil cards you can win in the Arena and/or buy with in-app currency.

Every card in Epic Digital has a foil version. When you win a foil you will get one at random (some foils will be more rare than others).

Foil cards aren’t more powerful, they just look cool and are fun to collect. You will be able to collect up to three copies of each foil card. When you build a constructed deck, you will have the option of using the foil or the regular versions of your cards. When drafting or playing random 30, any card in your deck that you own in foil will appear as a foil in the game.

Epic Digital Foil Redemption

Starting in November 2019, we plan to allow players to turn in a complete set of digital foils (losing them from their online account) to get a physical set of those foil cards.

Sets that will be able to be exchanged are:

  • Base Set (120 cards)
  • Tyrants (47 cards)
  • Uprising (48 cards)

There will be a shipping and handling fee that will vary by region. The recipient will be responsible for any local taxes or import fees. We will start the Foil Redemption program in the United States, UK and the EU.

Note: All prizes and tournament structures are subject to change at the sole discretion of White Wizard Games.