Welcome to Epic Card Game! If you are new to the game, we have many resources to help you get up-to-speed.

Rulebook and Quick Rule Sheet: We have a download of the rulebook, along with a condensed rules of the rules we call a “one sheet” (just use both sides of the sheet). If you have a question about a specific card? Have a look at our Epic Card FAQ.

How To Play videos: We have a playlist on YouTube of Lead Designer Robert Dougherty walking through many parts of the game, including some tricky examples.

Epic “Let’s Play” video: We have a video of the game with a walkthrough of everything that happens during a game.

Web Store: You can purchase Epic through your local game store. If they do not carry it, please ask them to order through their distributor. You can also purchase Epic through our online store.

Social Media: Epic Card Game can be found on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. There is a dedicated community on Board Game Geek as well.

Other questions: Send email to [email protected].