You can now battle for bragging rights and prizes in the Epic digital app! Saturday, February 3rd we are running a free tournament for prizes in the Epic Digital Alpha. Prizes won in this event will not only unlock during the Alpha, but will be awarded upon public launch as well (unlike any items currently unlocked in the Alpha). If you join and play through all 4 rounds, you will receive a “Kong” avatar. If you manage to win all 4 rounds, you will receive a “Packed Snow” digital playmat!

Join us in this tournament, and show off your prowess at Epic! (or just come collect that sweet Kong avatar…)

Tournament Info

Event timeSaturday February 3rd, at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT / 7 PM UTC
Number of rounds4 rounds
Games per round2 (draws are possible)
FormatConstructed Realtime
PrizesKong Avatar for participation
Packed Snow Digital Playmat for 4-0 record
Entry feeFree!

This tournament is limited to 32 players, so sign up now to play!

Don’t yet have access to the Epic Digital Alpha? Buy alpha access!

About Epic Digital

Epic Digital is a fast-paced card game of fantasy combat designed by Hall of Fame Magic players Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle. It has all the amazing game play and beautiful art of a digital trading card game, but instead of having to chase down hard-to-find cards with each set release, you get unlimited copies of every card for one low price!

Epic Digital Alpha Access includes:

  • Android and Steam Alpha access provided within 5 business days of purchase or sooner
  • $20 of event tickets when full events become available

App Features:

  • Unlimited Copies of all 120 Cards in the Base Set
  • Unlimited Copies of all 47 Cards in the Tyrants Expansion
  • No Random Packs (Get a set for one low price and own every card!)
  • Purchase Once, Unlocks On All Four Platforms
  • Online Asynchronous Play
  • Online Real-time Play*
  • Dark Draft
  • Random 30 (Sealed)
  • Constructed
  • Beginner Decks (AKA Preconstructed Decks)
  • Play versus AI
  • Tutorial
  • and more!

Play on on Android, Windows or Mac OS.