The fires of rebellion have been lit; the downfall of the Tyrants is upon us!

Introducing Epic Uprising, the second expansion set for Epic Card Game. This set features some interesting twists on some familiar mechanics, features the amazing art you have come to expect, and introduces our very first alternate win condition card.

Loyalty X is this set’s new mechanic. Loyalty has been around since the game’s release, as a way to reward players who build or draft a deck around a central alignment. With Loyalty 2, you reveal exactly 2 cards that match the champion’s alignment to gain an effect. Now, with Loyalty X, you reveal any number of cards that match to gain an effect that scales with the number of revealed cards.

Our first preview card has Loyalty X, and is one of the most important cards in the set, as it completely changes how Good-aligned decks can win the game. Introducing Chamberlain Kark, with a story written by Ian Taylor:

“Do you question my orders, Captain Markus?”

“No, Lord Chamberlain,” said the Watch-Captain.  “I want to confirm them.  Martial law is not something that the people will easily forget, or forgive.”

Chamberlain Kark stalked to the window of his garish office.  He enjoyed watching people, as long as they were small, and distant.  “They will remember that we kept them safe.  The priests all tell me that the Dragonsong is ending soon.  If one believes such things.”

“I will lock the city down, as you wish,” said Markus.  “I have heard the howl of Draka on the wind.  It is only a matter of time before he attacks the city directly.”

“It’s more than that,” said Kark.  “Raxxa and Zannos have ended their petty squabble, and those fools at the Forbidden Citadel have lost control of their own.  Spies report a titan from the North approaching.  We have to be ready for anything.”

Markus frowned.  “If it is true that we are but pieces in a game of the gods, then I refuse to be discarded.  I intend to make my mark, and the gods will know my name.”

Chamberlain Kark nodded. “You are my most effective weapon against the chaos. There are dark times ahead, but we have good men, and demons run when good men go to war.”

Captain Markus turned and left.  He would clean the streets, and save his city.  The Battle of Covenant was coming, and he intended to win.


Chamberlain Kark is the only alternate win condition card in Uprising, but he is not the only way to win. Uprising introduces several powerful cards designed to punish missteps and to reward risk-taking, aggressive plays.

Whether you prefer to amass an army to demand change, or to let your flames do your talking, the Wild alignment has never had so many options to close out games.

The Rebellion of Covenant has opened an opportunity for the Evil forces to take advantage. Continuing with the aggression theme, here are a pair of cards that show that the devils are in the skies and the vampires are on the hunt.

The sage residents of Covenant know when to make a stand, and when to go look for better options. This set features the very first card that allows you to choose and discard a card from your hand. This is very useful with many of the cards that have appeared in prior sets!

These cards will be legal for use in all parts of the Epic World Championship, including Constructed, Dark Draft, and Epic Cube formats. (They will not be legal for the Last Chance Qualifiers.)

Over the next couple of weeks we will continue to preview cards — you can see the entire list here. The entire set will be posted on or about November 2nd.