Epic Digital Monthly Championships

October Championship

The championship will be held on Saturday, October 31st at 11 AM ET. The format will be Dark Draft using the Base Set, Tyrants, Uprising, and Duels.

About Monthly Championships

Epic Digital Monthly Championships are special events in which Epic players may spend one of their Gold Tickets to battle for awesome prizes. There will be different formats from month to month (constructed or draft, and we may vary which sets and cards are used).

You can earn a Gold Ticket by being one of the two weekly Arena Champions. Wizard Tier and Demigod Tier Kickstarter backers also received a gold ticket with their rewards.

Tournament Structure

Monthly Championships are normally Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8 elimination rounds. Each round is one game, real time (with 25-minute clocks per player). Dark Draft events will also have a timed draft (with 5-minute clocks per player). More info can be found here.

  • If there are fewer than 4 players, the tournament will be canceled.
  • If there are exactly 4 players, the tournament will consist of 2 elimination rounds, each with 1-game matches.
  • If there are exactly 8 players, the tournament will consist of 3 elimination rounds, each with 1-game matches.
  • For any other number of players, the tournament will consist of a Swiss bracket with 1-game matches, followed by an elimination bracket with 1-game matches. The number of Swiss rounds and the size of the elimination bracket will vary based on the total number of players.


PlaceCashGemsGold TicketsExclusive Avatar

*If your region doesn’t allow cash prizes, you will receive 70,000 additional gems instead. Cash winners must fill out all appropriate tax forms before they will be given their prize. See this page for details.

Registration and Procedures

Registration costs one gold ticket, which will be deducted from your inventory upon registration. For other important registration and procedure information, see the Epic Digital Tournament System page.


How many Gold Tickets do I have?

To check if you have any gold tickets:

  1. Start the app.
  2. From the starting page, click “Play Online” (this takes you to the “Online Lobby”).
  3. Click your avatar (in the upper left corner of the Online Lobby, this takes you to your profile page).
  4. Look in the “Resources” section of your profile. If you have any Gold Tickets, your quantity of Gems, Gold, and Gold Tickets will be displayed in this section. If you don’t have any Gold Tickets, only your quantity of Gems and Gold will be displayed in this section.

Can you split prizes?

No, we do not support prize splitting.

How do I claim my cash prize?

See this page for details.

Past Champions

2020-09AvianFull ConstructedTyrants, Uprising, Duels
2020-08TomEpicGaminDark DraftBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels
2020-07EpicSpainFull ConstructedBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels
2020-06TatianDark DraftBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels
2020-05EpicAgendaFull ConstructedBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising, Duels
2020-04MagneticDark DraftBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising
2020-03TomEpicGaminFull ConstructedBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising
2020-02TatDaddyDark DraftBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising
2020-01TomEpicGaminFull ConstructedBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising
2019-12EpicAgendaDark DraftBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising
2019-11MagneticFull ConstructedBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising
2019-10AtlantaFull ConstructedBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising
2019-09bmcfluffDark DraftBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising
2019-08TatDaddyFull ConstructedBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising
2019-07BeneBeatsDark DraftBase Set, Tyrants, Uprising
2019-06TatDaddyFull ConstructedBase Set, Tyrants
2019-05nhblandinFull ConstructedBase Set

Note: All prizes and tournament structures are subject to change at the sole discretion of White Wizard Games.